Anime bought:  Aniplex USA's copies of Hanamonogatari and Kill la Kill volume 5, standard BD edition.

Anime watched:  I rewatched Kokoro Connect with the Sentai dub, and it was solid.  The casting choices were adequate, but it took me a couple of episodes to get used to Greg Ayres' annoying voice.  I expected Luci Christian to do a solid job, and she delivered.  The best part of the dub was Monica Rial with her spot on and emotional interpretation of Iori.
1. Sound! Euphonium, episodes 1-4 (Very good) - I am enjoying and absolutely adoring what this series has done in its first four episodes.  The characters, especially the main character, feel believable and fresh.  The story is slowly but steady developing, and I look forward to more.  Lastly, the visuals and overall production values have been of very high quality so far.

2. Blood Blockade Battlefront, episodes 1-4 (Very good) - I suppose this is the real hit of this season and a contender for anime of the year.  I am having a great, fun time with the inventive visuals, craziness and coolness of BBB.  I am satisfied with what the first four episodes have done, but a more linear narrative would not hurt.  Still, fun times.

3. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, episodes 13-16 (Very good) - After a somewhat out of character episode 13, things have returned to the usual high quality of the first part.  I have no idea where the story is heading, but I am enjoying it and the characters.  My only big request is that I want the conclusion to have closure for the story and characters.

4. Heroic Legend of Arslan, episodes 1-4 (Good) - When this series was confirmed my expectation was that it was going to at least be a decently made action/adventure anime.  Four episodes in I can say that my expectations have been surpassed.  I am enjoying the pace of the story and some of the characters appear to be interesting.

5. Seraph of the End, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - So far the best thing about this show has been its pretty visuals, which evoke a 90's anime vibe.  I am well aware that the story is not advancing much and that the characters are plenty cliched, but I still look forward to new episodes.  I want this series to improve, and I still think it has potential to be at least entertaining.

6. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU T00!, episodes 1-4 (Good) - This second season picked where the first season left off, and it continues to be of high quality.  I am digging that it is focusing more on dramatics aspects.  It should continue being strong and engaging.

7. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - I decided to follow this series hoping for something light and fun.  So far, this fantasy anime has what I wanted and expected  from it, and I have been pleased by what it does.  I hope I keep liking it.

8. My LOVE Story!!, episodes 1-4 (Good) - I usually get bored by shoujo romance anime, but I am feeling engaged with this sweet but weird show.

9. Plastic Memories, episodes 1-4 (So-so) - I mostly see a wacky comedic show with occasional serious moments, not great science fiction.  But I am at least cool watching it.

10. Baby Steps 2, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - These four episodes have largely bored me because they have been somewhat repetitive, and the story did not advance much.
Anime watched:  I rewatched Noein: To Your Other Self, and I did not like it as nearly as the first time.  
I should post the first report of Spring 2015 in a few days,
Anime watched:  I tried watching D-Frag!, but it was so boring that I only managed 1.5 episodes.  But then I tried Absolute Duo, and I liked it.  I only watched 5 episodes though because I decided to watch the dubbed content.  I will follow the broadcast dub the rest of the way.
1. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2 - I look forward to seeing the culmination of this ambitious and visually pleasing anime.

2. Seraph of the End - I consider it the hit show to watch this season.

3. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU T00! - I liked the first season and look forward to more of it.

4. Blood Blockade Battlefront - I am only impressed by the visuals and style so far, bu this anime is a blast to watch.

5. Heroic Legend of Arslan - This looks like a typical heroic king tale.  Let us see how it goes.

6. Sound! Euphonium - This new Kyoto Animation show looks promising.

7. My LOVE Story!! - It seems like a sweet but potentially heart-breaking story.

8. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - The title is weirder than the actual show so far, but it looks like a fun and light fantasy anime.

9. Plastic Memories - More meh than wow so far, but I do not mind watching it.

10. Baby Steps 2 - The first season was solid, and I like the characters.
Anime watched:  I watched my Aniplex USA's BD's of both seasons of Valvrave the Liberator, and I liked and enjoyed it more than the first time I watched it.  I finished checking out the new series, and I should post my simulcast list tomorrow.
Anime watched:  I finally watched Maria the Virgin Witch, and I liked it.  I also have been checking out some of the new simulcasts.  I have forgotten how fun of a time it is when a new season arrives:  checking out shows and waiting for license announcements.
1. Your Lie in April, episodes 20-22 (Very good) - This series continued to captivate me.  The ending was how I expected it, but my emotions continued to surprise me.  I absolutely love it when animes that start slow and/or mediocre turn the corner and end in a very high note.  I do not have much else to say about Your Lie in April.  It gave me what I needed.

2. Parasyte, episodes 21-24 (Very good) - Ultimately Parasyte had a solid resolution.  Things did not go exactly as I expected, but it managed to solve the major issues and give the main character a positive resolution.  I had some doubts, but taking into account its qualities and flaws, I still consider Parasyte the best anime series of 2014.

3. CROSS ANGE, episodes 22-25 (Decent) - In the end the story and characters in CROSS ANGE more or less made sense.  The ending was predictable, but it was needed to give the series more stability.  This anime was fun and had nice eye candy, but it also was uncomfortable to watch at times.  It had potential to do more with the premise, but the end result is okay.

4. Durarara!!x2, episodes 9-12 (Good) - I have not been happy with what this season has been doing lately, but its universe and eccentric characters kept me coming back for more in a weekly basis.  Ultimately this first third serves as a set up for more craziness and potentially deep changes for a certain character.  I am cool with these 12 episodes, and the break is most welcome.

5. SHIROBAKO, episodes 21-24 (Very good) - Shirobako delivered a strong conclusion and continued to exploit its best qualities.  I am pleased that I came to appreciate this anime with every episode.  I am also happy that a show like this was created and that the creators got it right.  And I would like to see more Shirobako anime in the future. 

6. Yuri Kuma Arashi, episodes 9-12 (Very good) - Despite adding unnecessary padding to the conclusion, which became apparent in episodes 8 and 9, the last episode and execution cemented the quality of this anime.  Compared to 80% of all the anime Yuri Kuma Arashi is a stand out.  But it pales in quality compared to the amazing Utena and Penguindrum.    

7. Saekano, episodes 8-11 (Decent) - This anime kept up with its quality, and surprisingly the characters introduced in episode 7 had little to do with it.  It took a while, but Saekano finally cemented its premise, and I bought it.  It is too bad that we might not see other anime season that could potentially realize the creators' vision. 

8. Yona of the Dawn, episodes 17-24 (Good) - This anime continued to be solid and had a noteworthy moment that made me consider putting it back in the top 7.  Unfortunate for the big fans of this series, this season did not conclude the story, but I imagine a second anime season will be made.

9. Log Horizon 2, episodes 18-25 (Good) - At the end of the day this was another strong season of Log Horizon.  The narrative significantly advance despite going about it in a sort of roundabout way.  The ending sets the table for the next adventure, but there might not be more anime made.

10. Ace of Diamond, episodes 68-75 (Good) - After several enjoyable episodes, following the loss at the regional tournament, things began to get tedious for me.  I like this anime and can enjoy it, but I am thankful that this long season is ending.  I will take a break before watching season 2.
Anime watched:  Some more Fairy Tail and My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, mostly in preparation for season 2.

Anime industry:  I suppose Sentai is again making news with their announcement of a collector's edition for No Game, No Life.  The title is not particularly noteworthy to me, but the idea that Sentai might continue releasing at least one CE per month for titles they deem worthy.  I hope I am right about this.  I would like a CE for Parasyte and one (or two) for Chaika would be welcomed as well.
Anime watched:  Besides my simulcasts, I did not watch any other series this week.  But I will take this opportunity to talk about what anime from Spring I plan to watch.  First, there are 5 sequels that I plan to watch:  The second part of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, and the second seasons of My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Knights of Sidonia, Kinmoza!  and Baby Steps.  The new shows I am most excited about are Seraph of the End and Sound! Euphonium.  The final 3 slots could be filled by Heroic Legend of Arslan, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Kyoukai no Rinne.  Plastic Memories and Ninja Slayer are also possibilities.