It has been a while since my last post.  I have not been particularly busy.  I am keeping up with my simulcasts, and I should have a mid-season report in about two weeks.  Last week I received my copy of NISA's new Toradora! release.  I finished watching it today, and I enjoyed it with the English dub.  I plan to post another update next week.  Happy anime watching.
I was going to wait to watch at least one episode of two of my simulcasts (Terror in Resonance and Black Butler: Book of Circus), but I am confident that I am going to like the former, and I already now the franchise of the later.  I am continuing watching five simulcasts from last season, and I am adding five new ones from this season.  Summer 2014 is looking good, and I have a few more series that I hope to watch once this season is over.  Here is the list.

1. Terror in Resonance (Zankyō no Terror) - A very interesting looking premise with great pedigree behind it.

2. Glasslip - I like original animes from P.A. Works, and this new work has appealed to me so far.

3. Argevollen - This well-animated mecha show came out of nowhere.  I am excited about it.

4. Captain Earth - I seem to be enjoying this wacky show more and more with each episode.

5. Sword Art Online II - I have mixed feelings about the first season, but what the heck.  This is a sexy and good looking anime franchise.

6. M3: The Dark Metal - This anime has gotten more intriguing, and I am curious to see how it ends.

7. Black Butler: Book of Circus - After a disappointing season two, I hope this franchise bounces back nicely.

8. Baby Steps - I still  like the characters, but the story has slowed down.

9. Ace of Diamond - I am ready for the arc tournament to end and hopefully have a good conclusion.

10. The Irregular at Magic High School - I will be strong and finish this boring piece of shit.
The World Cup is ending soon, and I can focus on watching more anime.  I have been able to keep up with my simulcasts and been able to take a look at some titles from Summer.  I am pleased with how this new anime season is turning out.  I will keep exploring a few new titles, and I hope to have a simulcast list by the end of next week.  Happy anime watching.
Here are, finally, my final rankings for the Spring 2014 anime season.  I end this season feeling still underwhelmed by the lack of quality.  I was going to only follow 5 shows, but for various reason I added 5 more.  Spring has been in my experience a ver strong season.  I hope that Spring 2014 is an anomality and next year is better.   

1. Chaika: The Coffin Princess, episodes 1-12 (Good) - I pretty much hated the first episode of this anime because I found nothing appealing about it (besides the curvaceous body of a certain female character). Fortunately, some praise online got me curious, and I have completely come around.  This show has some tropes typical of fantasy anime, but it has great energy and attitude.  I am looking forward to season 2 this Fall.

2. One Week Friends, episodes 7-12 (Good) - The series continued to be consistent in terms of good quality and emotional payoff.  There was a chance to do something more dramatic with the introduction of another character in the second half, but ultimately the status quo was more or less kept.  The ending solved some issues and ended the series in a positive note, but it feels a bit incomplete.

3. The World is Still Beautiful, episodes 7-12 (Good) - I continued to like this coming of age story with comedic undertones.  Ultimately the story continued to be consistent and evolved very little.  The characters continued to be likable and easy to root for.  I feel comfortable where the show ended, but  it was not very remarkable.

4. Baby Steps, episodes 7-13 (Decent) - Not much has changed in these last seven episodes.  I am still liking its premise and characters.  I hope I can keep enjoying this sports anime going forward.

5. ME: The Dark Metal, episodes 1-10 (So-so) - I was not impressed with what this anime was trying to do at first; things felt confusing and dark for the sake of it.  But for some reason I decide to stick with it. This appears to be paying off because the premise seems to be going somewhere.  I hope the end result is of good quality because the premise is appealing and intriguing.  

6. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, episodes 7-12 (Decent) - Fortunately this series improved in the last third when it started focusing more on the two main leads.  However, it was not enough to turn this anime with a wacky but attractive premise, into something very meaningful and special.  

7. Captain Earth, episodes 1-13 (So-so) - This is a very nicely animated anime with an ambitious premise. Unfortunately, like some other Bones original animes, it is not very clear what is the ending goal of the production with this crazy but entertaining premise.  I will keep watching, hoping for something nice.

8. Ace of Diamond, episodes 26-37 (Decent) - This series is still in the tournament arc doing a good job at keeping it appealing.  I hope I can keep motivated to continue watching this anime in a weekly basis.

9. Blade & Soul, episodes 1-13 (So-so) - A weird fantasy/action/adventure with pretty women warriors that is mediocre, but has enough heart and conviction to earn a passing grade.  I enjoyed some episodes, but I would not recommend it to anyone, unless they are  interested in looking at pretty, fearless women.  

10. The Irregular at Magic High School, episodes 1-13 (Not really good) - I intended to watch this anime when this season started, but dropped it when I saw how mediocre it looked.  I decided to pick it up again essentially because I want to be in the loop and see how much of a train wreck it can be.  So far I have been bored and dumbfounded with how crappy an anime, produced by industry giants, can turn out.
This week I re-watched El Cazador de la Bruja.  It is a well enough done anime that I can enjoy, but I do not love it.  Not much else happened this week.  I am expecting the 7th volume of Gundam Unicorn to  
arrive today, and I plan to watch it next week.  Also, beginning next Thursday, I will watch very little anime besides my simulcasts because the World Cup is starting; I am a big fan of it.  Until my next, eventual, post, happy anime watching.
I have caught up with all my simulcasts, and I actually added three more titles to my list: Captain Earth, The Irregular at Magic High School, and M3: The Dark Metal.  These three animes are more bad than good, but they are at least entertaining.  I also watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and I can saying that this is the first Hayao Miyazaki movie that I have truly liked.  Finally, I watched The Princess and the Pilot film and Free!

In other occurrences, Aniplex USA announced a bunch of releases for July: Anohana: the Movie, the first 2 Madoka Magica movies with an English dub, Silver Spoon season 1 and the Gurren Lagann compilation movies.  I ordered a copy of the Limited Edition of the Anohana movie.  Aniplex USA also announced that they are releasing Kill la Kill in 5 volumes.  I plan to buy them once all of them are out.  I have not mentioned that Viz Media is also re-releasing Sailor Moon, which I also plan to buy. 

Until the next time, happy anime watching.
I have watched a lot of anime this week.  I first watched my DVD copy of Waiting in the Summer, and again I had an enjoyable time re-watching it.  Then I decided to catch up with Space Brothers.  This is a show that despite being kind of slow at times, I can like it a lot when the focus is in the characters.  Then a funny thing happened to me.  I read on Anime News Network that Chaika: The Coffin Princess is going to be a split cour series with the second season airing on October of this year.  I was ready to scream at this announcement because the first episode I watched seemed horrendous.

However, other posters were very excited about the news and commented on how good the show is.  I decided to go back to Chaika and was a bit surprised to see that it is indeed a solid show with potential to be better.  I am adding it to my simulcasts list, along with the kind of crappy but entertaining Blade & Soul (I am not even sure why I came back to this series).  Until the next time, happy anime watching.
1. The World is Still Beautiful, episodes 1-6 (Good) - I am enjoying this feel good, but at times painful, coming of age story.  The setting and story are simple, but I like the main characters and want to root for them.  I do not think this series could become much better than it is now, but I would like to be proven wrong. 

2. One Week Friends, episodes 1-6 (Good) - This anime has another simple premise, but the emotional payoff at the end of pretty much every episode is really nice.  This is my second favorite show, but it is very close to my number one anime for this season.  I am content with I have seen so far, but I hope it gets a bit darker and more emotional.  

3. Baby Steps, episodes 1-6 (Decent) - This has been a pleasant surprise.  I am not a big fan of sports anime, but the two leads (especially the female one) charmed me with their freshness and positive demeanor.  I want keep learning more about the characters, tennis and hope this show does not become tedious to watch, like many sports animes tend to do.  

4. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, episodes 1-6 (Decent) - For a moment I thought that this anime could be special.  The premise has potential to do some neat things, but the writers seem unsure about what to do with it.  For the moment I am being entertained enough by this wacky comedy with some drama, but I hope it improves. 

5. Ace of Diamond, episodes 26-31 (Decent) - I am actually enjoying the tournament arc this series is in right now.  This anime is really good when baseball games are being played.  I have no idea where this show is going, but I would love to see the romance that this series has hinted at before.
I decided to watch Log Horizon.  I was not impressed by the first episode when I watched it back in October, and the idea of of another anime about players stuck in a MMORPG was not very appealing. 
But I am glad I watched Log Horizon because it is a better thought out and more satisfying anime that the more glamorous but uneven Sword Art Online.  I wanted to give Log Horizon a better grade (I gave it a Decent rating), but the story is still developing and some characters can be one-dimensional.  Hopefully season 2 will solve my issues.

I also finished World Conquest Zvezda Plot.  I was not pleased with how slow and boring this anime started, but the second half was better enough to give it a So-so rating.  I am not really sure if I will be watching another series in its entirety next week, but I plan to post my mid-season report of Spring 2014. Until next week, happy anime viewing (I should change this phrase to happy anime watching).   
This week has been busy.  As planned, I watched two anime titles from my collection.  On Monday and Tuesday I watched my English subtitled, Japanese BD sets of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.  And once again, I had a very good time watching this gorgeous-looking anime.  I still think that the story could have been more ambitious, but at the end of the day my overall experience was very satisfying, and the conclusion  to the series has enough closure.

Wednesday was supposed to be my day off, but I sneaked in 3 episodes of World Conquest Zvezda Plot. On Thursday and Friday I re-watched my Sentai BD's of Angel Beats!  Part of my motivation to re-watch it was that I have heard that the English dub was well done.  After re-watching this series with the dub, I agree that it is a good dub.  My opinion of the anime remains unchanged because  I still think that Angel Beats! is good but not great.

I am not sure what I am watching next week, but I will provide a report.  Until the next time, happy anime viewing.