Anime watched:  Not much this week.  I only rewatched the first season of Non Non Biyori.
Anime watched:  I watched my BD copy of Noir, and I can say that the visuals are better looking in this version compared to the DVD version.  I also had time to sneak in Yuki Yuna is a Hero.  It is a fine anime, but throughout it I could not stop comparing it to Madoka Magica; they are very similar.

Anime industry:  Toonami is airing Akame ga Kill! this August.  I think this is news worthy because this is the first Sentai title to air in the anime block.  And even though Sentai has few titles that fit the Toonami criteria, I hope more titles from this company air on the block.
Anime bought:  Funimation's Noir BD and 3 Japanese imports: Gundam: The Origin, Part I (regular edition BD); the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 movie, Odyssey of the Celestial Ark (Hoshi-Meguru Hakobune); and the second part of the Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet OVA, Far Beyond the Voyage (Meguru Kouro, Haruka).

Anime watched:  I watched my newest Japanese imports.  The Gargantia OVA was good enough; the 2199 movie was well produced and enjoyable; and I was very impressed and pleased by the Origin.  And I was able to finally watch all the 12 episodes of Amagi Brilliant Park available on Crunchyroll.
1. Sound! Euphonium, episodes 5-8 (Very good) - After two thirds the prettiest looking anime continues to be very solid.  Unless something dramatic happens with the last few episodes in terms of story, this anime is about the characters' small nuances and the interactions with each other, and the comfortable yet uneasy atmosphere that Kyoto Animation has carefully crafted. 

2. Blood Blockade Battlefront, episodes 5-8 (Very good) - There is not much I want or need to say about this exciting and enjoyable anime.  I am still having a blast, and the recent revelations of what is the main plot/conflict should enhance the experience.  Blood Blockade Battlefront continues to be a candidate for anime of the year.  Very fun times indeed.

3. The Heroic Legend of Arslan, episodes 5-8 (Very good) - Wow, this anime is becoming very special.  I continue to be impressed and pleased, and things are getting more interesting and intriguing.  The plot continues to advance in a smart and solid way, and the main characters seem to be filled with all kinds of interesting nuances.  I am very optimistic about where this title is heading.

4. Seraph of the End, episodes 5-8 (Decent) - I was leaning toward downgrading this series, but the last two episodes were exciting and have shown potential for improvement; I want to believe that all the dullness and wonky story-telling is behind.  This is not a great anime, but I am still interested and look forward to new episodes each week.

5. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!, episodes 5-8 (Good) - I was getting disappointed because the comedy and satire from the first season is mostly gone, but I think I have finally accepted that this current season will deal with the three main characters trying to come to terms with themselves and each other. Things continue to be well  executed, and I hope for a solid conclusion.

6. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, episodes 17-20 (Good) - Things are starting to get resolved and Ufotable continues to spoil us with impressive visuals, but for some reason I am not feeling that pleased. This anime could be in a slump despite all the excitement going on.  I am not really sure.

7. Plastic Memories, episodes 5-8 (Decent) - This is not a bad anime, but it is not a deep sci-fi show either.  I have grown to appreciate this series over time, and I think that Plastic Memories works best if it is seen as a sweet romantic drama with small ambitions.

8. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, episodes 5-8 (So-so) - I am still liking it enough to not get bored, but I feel that its momentum has stagnated somewhat. 

9. Baby Steps 2, episodes 5-8 (Good) - This series has returned to the quality and atmosphere from the first season.  I am engaged and entertained with this title.

10. My LOVE Story!!, episodes 5-8 (Good) - This romantic comedy continues to be well made and sweet, but I am not that excited by it any longer.  But I do not see this as a bad thing.
Anime watched:  I started watching Soul Eater.  This is my second or third attempt at watching it, but even though this anime tends to drag things, I think I will be able to watch  all of it this time.  Crunchyroll also added Amagi Brilliant Park.  I have been able to watch only 3 episodes, but I like what I have seen.
Anime watched:  This week I finally watched Death Parade, and I came out impressed.  I consider this anime to be of very high quality, but I do not love it.  I still plan to buy it when it comes on BD/DVD though. 
I also rewatched my BD's of Kill la Kill, and I liked it even more than the first time; I also bumped my rating of it.  And I watched Tokyo Ghoul √A, which took me by surprise because of how emotionally touching it ended up being.

Anime industry:  I think it is worth mentioning that AnimEigo is planning to Kickstart a BD release of Otaku no Video.  I am not a gigantic fan of this movie, but I plan to support this campaign with the hope that this could help AnimEigo or other company to release Gunbuster on BD.
Anime watched:  Another busy week.  I watched Xam'd: Lost Memories for, I think, the fourth time.  This gorgeous-looking anime is one of my favorite series, despite having a weak story/plot.  In this latest rewatch I started to get nervous when I saw that the story was making even less sense than I remembered. Thankfully things stabilize in the last two thirds.  The story/plot is more or less still problematic to me, but the show's internal logic and conclusion made more sense this time around.
Anime bought:  Aniplex USA's copies of Hanamonogatari and Kill la Kill volume 5, standard BD edition.

Anime watched:  I rewatched Kokoro Connect with the Sentai dub, and it was solid.  The casting choices were adequate, but it took me a couple of episodes to get used to Greg Ayres' annoying voice.  I expected Luci Christian to do a solid job, and she delivered.  The best part of the dub was Monica Rial with her spot on and emotional interpretation of Iori.
1. Sound! Euphonium, episodes 1-4 (Very good) - I am enjoying and absolutely adoring what this series has done in its first four episodes.  The characters, especially the main character, feel believable and fresh.  The story is slowly but steady developing, and I look forward to more.  Lastly, the visuals and overall production values have been of very high quality so far.

2. Blood Blockade Battlefront, episodes 1-4 (Very good) - I suppose this is the real hit of this season and a contender for anime of the year.  I am having a great, fun time with the inventive visuals, craziness and coolness of BBB.  I am satisfied with what the first four episodes have done, but a more linear narrative would not hurt.  Still, fun times.

3. Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, episodes 13-16 (Very good) - After a somewhat out of character episode 13, things have returned to the usual high quality of the first part.  I have no idea where the story is heading, but I am enjoying it and the characters.  My only big request is that I want the conclusion to have closure for the story and characters.

4. Heroic Legend of Arslan, episodes 1-4 (Good) - When this series was confirmed my expectation was that it was going to at least be a decently made action/adventure anime.  Four episodes in I can say that my expectations have been surpassed.  I am enjoying the pace of the story and some of the characters appear to be interesting.

5. Seraph of the End, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - So far the best thing about this show has been its pretty visuals, which evoke a 90's anime vibe.  I am well aware that the story is not advancing much and that the characters are plenty cliched, but I still look forward to new episodes.  I want this series to improve, and I still think it has potential to be at least entertaining.

6. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU T00!, episodes 1-4 (Good) - This second season picked where the first season left off, and it continues to be of high quality.  I am digging that it is focusing more on dramatics aspects.  It should continue being strong and engaging.

7. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - I decided to follow this series hoping for something light and fun.  So far, this fantasy anime has what I wanted and expected  from it, and I have been pleased by what it does.  I hope I keep liking it.

8. My LOVE Story!!, episodes 1-4 (Good) - I usually get bored by shoujo romance anime, but I am feeling engaged with this sweet but weird show.

9. Plastic Memories, episodes 1-4 (So-so) - I mostly see a wacky comedic show with occasional serious moments, not great science fiction.  But I am at least cool watching it.

10. Baby Steps 2, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - These four episodes have largely bored me because they have been somewhat repetitive, and the story did not advance much.
Anime watched:  I rewatched Noein: To Your Other Self, and I did not like it as nearly as the first time.  
I should post the first report of Spring 2015 in a few days,