The episode began with the young merchant trying to find a way to counteract what the Church was doing.  At the heretic trial (after being wiped and kicked) the older sister maid (disguised as the Demon Queen) gave a great speech about human dignity, faith and freedom.  The crowd was very moved by it and turned against the Church.  The Winter King also extended its protection to the Crimson Scholar.  And the Knight (as a representative of her convent ) declared the Crimson Scholar a saint.

Episode 9 of Maoyu was pretty great.  The speech by the older sister maid was the highlight of this episode and probably also the high point of the whole series thus far.  The other interesting things were the brief apparition of a demon apparently bent on ruling the world, and an enigmatic farewell message given by a woman's voice, probably the Demon Queen's.  This episode gets a 9 out of 10.


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