The young merchant visited the Demon Queen's estate.  He was not fooled by the older sister maid, disguised as the Demon Queen.  The Hero decided to take the young merchant to Gate City to party.  The Knight also decided to give her sword, loyalty and body to the Hero.  Things took a drastic turn after the church of the Light Spirit declared the Crimson Scholar (the Demon Queen) and her methods heretic.  And it appears that it is up to the Hero and the older sister maid to solve this complication.

Episode 8 of Maoyu was good but uneven.  The first half of the episode was largely wasted on the Hero and young merchant reminiscing and talking about their goals.  The second half of the episode was much better because it continued to build on the suspense of the last episode.  We will see how things turn out next week.  This episode gets a 8 out of 10. 


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