The episode began with the older sister maid recording (writing) that things appeared to be peaceful.  The next weapon the Demon Queen has developed is the printing press.  Before embarking in a dangerous trip the Demon Queen decided to sneak in to sleep with the Hero.  To her surprise the Knight had the same pretentions.  In the end the two love rivals made up, and the Demon Queen left the Hero in the care of the Knight.  Meanwhile human forces began conspiring against the Winter King.

Episode 7 of Maoyu was a blast; it masterfully showcased the series' strength of combining comedy, substance and ecchi undertones.  The best part of the  show was the  bed scene between the Demon Queen, the Knight and the Hero.  The women first were bickering but both ended up in bed with the Hero (no sex, just sleep) talking like the best friends.  The atmosphere in this episode also hints that something dramatic is about to happen.  This episode gets a 10 out of 10.


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