The Demon Queen sent the Knight to aid the King of the Winter Kingdom in the fight to retake the Light Bright Island from the demons.  At the same time the Hero was in the town of demons ruled by humans (Gate City) scaring the army with the help of magic.  After a great start, the human army was able to enter the island.  They eventually defeated the demon general in charge of the island and his army with the scared army the Hero brought from Gate City.

Episode 6 of Maoyu was fun and entertaining.  The battle was very intense, and the great Miyuki Sawashiro was amazing voicing the Knight, who led the human army.  Although this episode was intense, there was not much plot and character development.  This episode gets a 8 out of 10.  

Halfway through the series Maoyu is a nice but not impressive show.  The highlights are the economic/social/political commentary, entertaining characters and very good animation.  The biggest gripe I have is that the series feels somewhat flat when the titular couple is not together on screen.  I do like its premise, but the talking can get tiresome.  After six episodes I give Maoyu a general grade of 7 out of 10.


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