Haruka and her friends continued to have fun at her grandpa's house.  A friend of the family (a priest) secretly brought Haruka's mother for her to see how her daughter had finally made friends.  The mother was not very impressed by it.  In the second half of the episode Haruka was uneasy because Yoshihisa was acting suspicious.  It turns out that Yoshihisa was preparing a party to celebrate Haruka's birthday.  She, unexpectedly, was very moved by this surprise and realized that the bitter words of her mother (her belief that Haruka was never going to be loved) are not really true.

Episode 7 of Kotoura-san was disappointing.  This series is becoming more and more unbalanced.  The first half of the episode was largely comedic, but the insertion of a scene with Haruka's mother, in the middle of it, was poorly placed.  The second half of the episode recaptured some of the charm, but the creators are having problems finding the right combination of comedy and drama.  Based on the first few episodes, this series seems capable of having a good mix of laughs and tears.  This episode gets a 7 out of 10.


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