Shisei Kaburagi rallied the humans and prepared to counter attack.  Unfortunately for the humans, an Ogre appeared.  Shisei was unable to kill the Ogre because of a psychological suggestion, known as Death of Shame, that forbids one human to kill another.  Saki and Satoru reunited and fled to the Purification Temple.  There they ran into a soldier, Inui, in charge of eliminating the Robber Fly.  Inui told them that Squera's true objective is to take human babies and turn them into an Ogre army to conquer the world.

Episode 21 of From the New World was great.  Besides the huge revelation of Squera's ambition, we also learned that the Ogre who killed Shisei is actually the child of Maria and Mamoru.  Things look very dire for the humans, and I wonder if Saki, Satoru and the rest of the villagers can do anything to reverse the situation.  I give this excellent episode a 10 out of 10. 


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