Saki and Satoru were in a canoe trying to escape from the pursuit of the mysterious and destructive creature.  After outmaneuvering the creature and taking a rest at a cabin, they continued their journey to the village.  But they were ambushed by a mutated marine creature that created explosions by spitting black powder and fire.  Satoru and Saki separated, but the latter managed to reach the village and talk with Tomiko.  She told Saki that there was not much hope to save the village.

Episode 20 of From the New World was a decisive episode.  The first half of the episode was pretty straight forward.  In the second half of the episode the most noteworthy occurrences were that the monster rats have indeed managed to outsmart the humans, and the very pessimistic outlook given by Tomiko.  The last scene of Tomiko leaving Saki in charge of the village and ordering her to go was very emotional.  The last fifth of the series promises to be thrilling.  This episode gets a 9 out of 10.


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