It was Valentine's Day.  Mayaka angrily swore that she was going to make the best chocolate Satoshi ever had.  After Houtarou and Chitanda had an awkward talk before going to classes on Valentine's Day, the chocolate cake/cookie Mayaka made was stolen.  After some investigating by Houtarou, he cleverly figured out that Satoshi stole the chocolate.  Satoshi did it because he was not sure how to respond to Mayaka's feelings.  In the end things between Satoshi and Mayaka seemed to have worked out fine.

Episode 21 of Hyouka was a strange one.  It focused a bit more on character development, and that is the reason why I want to see more of it is because it can be well done by the creators.  I felt bad for Mayaka, but hopefully things will work for her in the end.  Also, when Mayaka asked Chitanda if she liked somebody, she apparently confessed to Mayaka that she likes Houtarou.  During the investigation Chitanda became very agitated, and it was very interesting and exciting to see.  This episode gets a 9 out of 10.


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