<![CDATA[Chanoc's Anime Blog - Home]]>Sun, 17 Sep 2017 15:32:25 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Report for September 3-16, 2017]]>Sun, 17 Sep 2017 18:36:00 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-september-3-16-2017​I finally ended my watching adventure of Gundam Zeta, Gundam ZZ and Char's Counterattack; I am kind of drained out.  To start, I have considered Zeta one of my top 10 favorite anime series of all time and one of the best anime shows ever made.  But this last rewatch was a rude awakening.  For years I have refused to believe that the Gundam shows where Yoshiyuki Tomino is involved are badly written, but it is actually true.  Not only is the narrative incomprehensible at times, but there is a dumb life philosophy and women are portrayed in a  bad light.

I then came into Gundam ZZ hoping that its comedic and relaxed attitude would give me something to look forward to, and it delivered.  A big reason why Zeta became tedious and ridiculous is because things are supposed to be very serious but the "grown up adults" make dumb decisions all the time.  ZZ is centered around a group of irreverent and cynic teenagers, and even though their decisions are simplistic, they are usually smart.  I can confidently say that now I like ZZ better than Zeta, and the former is arguably a better product than the later.

Finally, Char's Counterattack is a confusingly written movie, but it has tremendous production values.  In conclusion classic Gundam has some neat ideas and concepts, but the writing is generally weak.  Although, I remember the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam being well written and thought out; I plan to rewatch it in the near future.]]>
<![CDATA[Report for the week of August 27-September 2, 2017]]>Sat, 02 Sep 2017 16:09:23 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-the-week-of-august-27-september-2-2017This was a relatively light week, but I was able to checkout two anime series from this year.  I first watched the second half of Little Witch Academia, and it continued to be a well produced and entertaining children's show.  I  wanted to like it more, but I was looking for a darker, edgier, more otaku pandering show. I also caught up with the second season of My Hero Academia, which is nominally a family friendly, shounen show, but it has spunk, a bit of otaku pandering and is generally well written.

Next week I plan to embark on a two weeks journey to watch Gundam Zeta, ZZ and Char's Counterattack.  I will probably post my next weekly report in two weeks.  See you then.
<![CDATA[Summer 2017, Report 2]]>Thu, 31 Aug 2017 17:29:44 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/summer-2017-report-2Very special to watch
1. Princess Principal, episodes 5-8 (Good) - It continues to get better and better.

I look forward to new episodes
2. Made in Abyss, episodes 5-8 (Very good) - It continues to be the best anime series of Summer.
3. Sakura Quest, episodes 18-22 (Very good) - More well done than interesting at this point.
4. New Game!!, episodes 4-8 (Good) - I might already like it more than season one.
5. Gamers!, episodes 4-8 (Good) - It continues to be a very solid comedy.

Enjoyment varies week to week
6. Classroom of the Elite, episodes 4-8 (So-so) - Becoming increasingly dumb and pretentious.
7. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, episodes 17-19 (Very good) - It got its groove back.
8. A Centaur's Life, episodes 5-8 (Decent) - A bit inconsistent and weird but generally compelling.
9. Re: CREATORS, episodes 17-19 (Good) - The start of the final battle is invigorating it.

Not as engaged but still interested
10. Knight's & Magic, episodes 6-9 (So-so) - It continues to be formulaic but entertaining.
11. Love and Lies, episodes 6-9 (Decent) - It is becoming stale.
12. My First Girlfriend is a Gal, episodes 4-8 (So-so) - Still immature but still interested in it.

As you may notice Welcome to the Ballroom is no longer listed.  That is because I dropped it because its bad treatment of its female characters was increasingly becoming more upsetting for me.
<![CDATA[Report for the week of August 20-26, 2017]]>Sat, 26 Aug 2017 15:59:58 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-the-week-of-august-20-26-2017This week I rewatched Hanasaku Iroha, just the tv series and not the movie.  This is one of my favorite anime series.  It is a slice of life show with drama that revolves around a teenager girl who lives in Tokyo with her free-spirited mother, but she is forced to move to the country to live with her stern maternal grandmother, who runs a small inn.  In the process of working and living at the inn the main character makes new friends, meets new people and learns new things about herself and the people in her life.

Hanasaku Iroha is an original show, animated by P.A. Works, which is one of my favorite studios because I really dig their way of combining slice of life, drama, light comedy and otaku pandering.  Hanairo is the perfection manifestation of the studio's strengths because aside from the strong writing, the show has fantastic art and is beautifully animated.  Hanairo is to me the best original anime series that P.A. Works has developed without a doubt.

After this rewatch I again emerged with a very good taste of mouth because the show is well crafted, and it has some of my favorites genres and elements in anime.  The characters are my favorite aspect about Hanasaku Iroha because I enjoy watching characters I root for evolve throughout the show and gain something positive.  If I have a complain is that the story meanders at times, and I would like to have seen a few panty shots.  But these are minor complains from an otherwise great anime.
<![CDATA[Report for the week of August 13-19, 2017]]>Sat, 19 Aug 2017 16:39:41 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-the-week-of-august-13-19-2017This week I decided to watch all three seasons of Haikyuu!!, and it turned out to be a very good sports anime.  I am not a fan of sports anime in general because they become tedious and boring as they progress. Most sports anime start with a highly excitable teen male who becomes or is obsessed with a particular sport. The series typically start well with the introduction of the main character's teammates, coaches and often a potential love interest.  Unfortunately things start to go downhill for me when the actual games begin. Things start to get tedious and boring when the spectators in the anime start explaining and micro analyzing the sport being played.

Haikyuu!! also starts with a young man who loves volleyball.  This series quickly introduces a twist because the show actually revolves around two male teens who  want to  be the best at volleyball and are going to be teammates and competitors at the same time.  But the things that I liked the most about Haikyuu!! is that it gives space to have enough slice of life moments and character development, something that I always want in sports anime.  And then the actual games started.  It had commentary and analysis from the spectators, but it rarely got super annoying.  The whole series spans 60 episodes, and it ends in a satisfactory way.  I can honestly say that Haikyuu!! is arguably the best sports anime I have watched.]]>
<![CDATA[Report for the week of August 6-12, 2017]]>Sat, 12 Aug 2017 16:06:41 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-the-week-of-august-6-12-2017This week I rewatched the first season of Psycho-Pass, which is one of the best anime series from the last few years and arguably the best cyber punk anime ever made.  Yes, there is as second season and a movie, but I rather ignore them because they are very inferior compared to the great first season.

My experience with Psycho-Pass season one is weird because I watched the first episode when it premiered, but I dismissed it as oversexualized and violent crap.  The show did not do itself any favors by opening with a brutal and shocking incident.  I eventually came back to the show after hearing critics and fans giving it a lot of praise; and they were right.  Psycho-Pass can be a very brutal, cyber punk detective story, but it is a smart and engaging anime written by the great Gen Urobuchi.

The premise and main characters are to me the best things about this show because it explorers the challenges of living in a mostly sterile society that implemented a system to quantify and prevent crimes. The show gets better as it progresses and concludes in a way where sequels were not really needed.  In this rewatch I was able to better appreciated the high quality visuals, courtesy of Production I.G.  I cannot really say much without spoiling it, but Psycho-Pass season one is a great anime series.
<![CDATA[Report for the week of July 30-August 5, 2017]]>Sat, 05 Aug 2017 15:17:46 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-the-week-of-july-30-august-5-2017This week I rewatched Scrapped Princess.  This was motivated by Funimation's recent release of the show on BD.  I watched the show some years ago, and I remember liking some aspects of it, but I never had a big inclining to actually buy a disc copy.  I did this rewatch with the idea that I might like it more this time around and that I might decide to buy Funimation's release.  And...it worked; I am buying Funimation's BD/DVD combo because I like and appreciate the show much more.

The best thing that I like about Scrapped Princess is the titular character.  Pacifica is a very optimistic girl full of energy.  She is one of my favorite female characters in anime because she is not afraid of facing challenges and is a warrior.  She is short tempered and violent, but I find that charming.  It also helps that she is a cute and beautiful girl.  The actual story can be weird, but it is competently written.  The rest of the cast is also likable.  Finally, this show is a 2003 Bones anime series, but it has strong production values.

I also want to take a moment to comment on Sony Pictures buying Funimation.  I am very surprised it happened.  Funimation appeared to be doing well as an independent company and the largest anime distributor, but only the former owners know the reasons for the sale.  I imagine changes are coming, but I hope that Funimation continues to dub anime and that they remain committed to selling anime on disc.  I hope for the best for the R1 anime industry.]]>
<![CDATA[Summer 2017, Report 1]]>Tue, 01 Aug 2017 02:10:29 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/summer-2017-report-1I look forward to new episodes
1. Sakura Quest, episodes 14-17 (Very good) - It seems to be out of its short slump.
2. Princess Principal, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - This show is becoming my surprise of the year.
3. Made in Abyss, episodes 1-4 (Very good) - It continues to be well executed and intriguing.
4. Classroom of the Elite, episodes 1-3 (Decent) - I am starting to fall in love with this show.

Enjoyment varies week to week
5. Welcome to the Ballroom, episodes 1-5 (Good) - I still like it, and it is improving.
6. New Game!!, episodes 1-3 (Decent) - This second season hit the ground running.
7. Gamers!, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - This comedic slice of life show continues to be strong.
8. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, episodes 13-17 (Very good) - I do not love it, but it is a great anime.
9. A Centaur's Life, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - This show has become my oddity of the season.

Not as engaged but still interested
10. Love and Lies, episodes 1-5 (Decent) - This weird romance story remains amusing.
​11. Re: CREATORS, episodes 13-16 (Good) - It is still really solid and occasionally cool.
12. My First Girlfriend is a Gal, episodes 1-3 (So-so) - Still entertaining, but it is beginning to lose steam.
13. Knight's & Magic, episodes 1-5 (So-so) - This cliche otaku show is still entertaining to me.]]>
<![CDATA[Report for the week of July 23-29, 2017]]>Sat, 29 Jul 2017 16:18:49 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-the-week-of-july-23-29-2017​Like I mentioned last week, I rewatched From the New World.  After this rewatch I emerged more impressed and enamored by it.  Ever since I watched its first episode on October 2012, I was instantly hooked and intrigued by this show.  It continued being great throughout, and it is one of the most interesting and best anime series I have watched.  In my mind From the New World is already a classic series that all fans of anime should watch at least once.

I will start my analysis focusing on the writing.  This science fiction story is set 1,000 years in the future after a drastic decline of human civilization.  But instead of finding a nuclear wasteland, the setting is a place that resembles pre-industrial Japan.  The story is seen through the eyes of 2 girls and 3 boys who grow up and evolve throughout the run of the series.  The actual story is straight forward, but the themes are complex and very interesting to ponder upon.

The first time I finished rewatching From the New World I thought that the art and animation were good but not that great.  But this time I was more impressed by it because I have learned over time to better appreciate high quality production values in anime.  The soundtrack is generally solid and the direction is very strong.  Overall, From the New World is a fantastic anime show that I really like, and it is worthy of being recognized as one of the best 10 anime series ever made.]]>
<![CDATA[Report for the week of July 16-22, 2017]]>Sat, 22 Jul 2017 19:18:38 GMThttp://chanotaku.com/home/report-for-the-week-of-july-16-22-2017This was a very calmed week.  I did not rewatch any of the anime I own on disc.  I continue to be surprised with how much I am liking the new anime shows.  Next week I should have more because I plan to rewatch one of the best and most interesting anime series I have watched in From the New World.]]>