Anime watched:  I wanted to watch more anime, but I was only able to watch some Fairy Tail, my Sentai BD copy of MAOYU, and I watched Maria the Virgin Witch with the English dub, and I continue to respect and like it.
This week I decided to catch up with two simulcasts that I had not been following.  I first watched Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers.  I liked how it started, but I did not like what the series did after its first third.  I then watched School-Live!, and it was worth watching.  The idea of combining moe girls with zombie apocalypse seems odd, but I was kind of impressed with how the writers of School-Live! were able to build up and deliver a solid and compelling story.
Anime watched:  A had a very relaxed week.  I watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail, and I rewatched Only Yesterday.
Anime watched:  I finally watched Space Dandy.  It took me six or seven episodes to finally be able to get why this show has been getting a lot of praise from a lot of people.  Story-wise Space Dandy is forgettable, but the experimentation in several episodes is very interesting and worth checking out.  I also had time to sneak in Inari Kon Kon.  It is an okay anime, but it is incomplete.
Anime watched:  This week I watched all 24 episodes of Aldnoah.Zero.  The first time I tried watching this show I was disappointed, but this time I went in without many expectations.  And after watching all of it I can say that I had fun despite the shaky writing; the nice visuals also helped.  I think people are too harsh toward A/Z because it is an okay show that has faults but also does some nice things.  I also watched the Tatami Galaxy.  I have heard nice things about this show for a while, and I saw that it is a very unique told and animated show that is ultimately a satisfying experience.
Anime watched:  This week I watched three one-cour anime series.  Part of the reason to do that was the check out their respective English dubs.  Kids on the Slope's dub was good in general.  My only real issue is Sentaro's voice.  I might or might not make the English dub my default when watching KotS.  The dub for The Devil is a Part-Timer! is great and does justice to the fun of this show.  Finally, the dub for Madoka Magica was solid, but the English performances lacked emotion in some parts.  This was a busy but productive week.
Anime watched:  Not much to report this week.  Besides my usual simulcasts, I did not watch any other anime.  I needed to take a rest from all that I watched the previous week.
Anime watched:  This week I was busy watching the two anime seasons of Nisekoi (False Love).  The first season was alright as I was genuinely entertained, amused and even emotionally touched.  Unfortunately the sequel was poorly constructed and had little interest in giving the first season a proper conclusion. 
Still, I do not regret watching these series, but I will always wonder how people have the ability to make crappy entertainment.
Anime watched:  This week I rewatched ef: a tale of memories and a tale of melodies.  I mostly wanted to see if these animes continued to hold up for me.  And after watching them I can say that they are fine series that do some attractive things, but I do not think I will need to rewatch them again.
I watched two anime series this week and had similar experiences with both of them.  I first watched the much maligned Magical Warfare.  It is not a good anime, but the premise had some potential.  An additional cour could help it.  I then watched a better received title: Sunday Without God.  It has a decent start, and the premise also had potential.  But in the end Sunday Without God lost its steam and ended up being a mediocre product.