Anime watched:  I started watching Soul Eater.  This is my second or third attempt at watching it, but even though this anime tends to drag things, I think I will be able to watch  all of it this time.  Crunchyroll also added Amagi Brilliant Park.  I have been able to watch only 3 episodes, but I like what I have seen.
Anime watched:  This week I finally watched Death Parade, and I came out impressed.  I consider this anime to be of very high quality, but I do not love it.  I still plan to buy it when it comes on BD/DVD though. 
I also rewatched my BD's of Kill la Kill, and I liked it even more than the first time; I also bumped my rating of it.  And I watched Tokyo Ghoul √A, which took me by surprise because of how emotionally touching it ended up being.

Anime industry:  I think it is worth mentioning that AnimEigo is planning to Kickstart a BD release of Otaku no Video.  I am not a gigantic fan of this movie, but I plan to support this campaign with the hope that this could help AnimEigo or other company to release Gunbuster on BD.
Anime watched:  Another busy week.  I watched Xam'd: Lost Memories for, I think, the fourth time.  This gorgeous-looking anime is one of my favorite series, despite having a weak story/plot.  In this latest rewatch I started to get nervous when I saw that the story was making even less sense than I remembered. Thankfully things stabilize in the last two thirds.  The story/plot is more or less still problematic to me, but the show's internal logic and conclusion made more sense this time around.
Anime bought:  Aniplex USA's copies of Hanamonogatari and Kill la Kill volume 5, standard BD edition.

Anime watched:  I rewatched Kokoro Connect with the Sentai dub, and it was solid.  The casting choices were adequate, but it took me a couple of episodes to get used to Greg Ayres' annoying voice.  I expected Luci Christian to do a solid job, and she delivered.  The best part of the dub was Monica Rial with her spot on and emotional interpretation of Iori.
Anime watched:  I rewatched Noein: To Your Other Self, and I did not like it as nearly as the first time.  
I should post the first report of Spring 2015 in a few days,
Anime watched:  I tried watching D-Frag!, but it was so boring that I only managed 1.5 episodes.  But then I tried Absolute Duo, and I liked it.  I only watched 5 episodes though because I decided to watch the dubbed content.  I will follow the broadcast dub the rest of the way.
Anime watched:  I watched my Aniplex USA's BD's of both seasons of Valvrave the Liberator, and I liked and enjoyed it more than the first time I watched it.  I finished checking out the new series, and I should post my simulcast list tomorrow.
Anime watched:  I finally watched Maria the Virgin Witch, and I liked it.  I also have been checking out some of the new simulcasts.  I have forgotten how fun of a time it is when a new season arrives:  checking out shows and waiting for license announcements.
Anime watched:  Some more Fairy Tail and My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, mostly in preparation for season 2.

Anime industry:  I suppose Sentai is again making news with their announcement of a collector's edition for No Game, No Life.  The title is not particularly noteworthy to me, but the idea that Sentai might continue releasing at least one CE per month for titles they deem worthy.  I hope I am right about this.  I would like a CE for Parasyte and one (or two) for Chaika would be welcomed as well.
Anime watched:  Besides my simulcasts, I did not watch any other series this week.  But I will take this opportunity to talk about what anime from Spring I plan to watch.  First, there are 5 sequels that I plan to watch:  The second part of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, and the second seasons of My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Knights of Sidonia, Kinmoza!  and Baby Steps.  The new shows I am most excited about are Seraph of the End and Sound! Euphonium.  The final 3 slots could be filled by Heroic Legend of Arslan, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Kyoukai no Rinne.  Plastic Memories and Ninja Slayer are also possibilities.