Anime watched:  This week I watched almost all of the two seasons of Haruhi Suzumiya (I skipped episodes 3-7 of Endless Eight and The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina) and the Disappearance movie.  In this rewatchh I noticed that Kyoto Animation put a lot of effort and money in this production.  This animation studio started doing great visuals in a regular basis from 2009 onward, but the Haruhi Suzumiya episodes from 2006 also have strong production values.  As far as my enjoyment, I still find Haruhi Suzumiya fun, interesting and influential on modern anime.  Although it went down a few spots down in my personal ranking.

Anime bought:  I bought another Sentai's BD copy of Kids on the Slope because I have one of the faulty copies.  Also, I forgot to mention that last month I received the second part of Sailor Moon R, Wings of Honnêamise, and I finally caved in and bought Funimation's stupidly made limited edition BD of the first season of Darker Than Black.
Anime watched:  This week I watched B Gata H Key.  It was time to rewatch it, and I also wanted to see if it continued to hold up for me.  And yes I continue to like it and enjoy it, and I continue to see it as a very effective comedy.  I then watched Full Metal Panic!:  The Second Raid mostly because I wanted to scrutinize it.  I had some trouble getting into it, but in the end the pay up is strong.  Also, episodes 7 and 9 continue to feel very strong.  And because I was already in the mood I decided to rewatch Fumoffu, but I continue to dislike it and view it as a forced and lousy comedy.

Anime industry:  This week it was revealed that PonyCan USA decided to cancel the standard BD and DVD editions of volume 1 of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers.  And while this does not really affect me, it is a very crappy move that I believe sets a bad precedent for the young company.
Anime watched:  Another busy week.  I watched Viz's BD's of Sailor Moon R.  Putting aside the video issues, I still had a good time watching it, but I enjoyed season one more.  The dub keeps being fantastic though.  I am very much looking forward to Sailor Moon S, but I will have to wait several months for Viz's releases.  I also had time to watch The Seven Deadly Sins dubbed on Netflix, and it was a nice experience.  I definitely think it has potential to become a special title with more seasons.
This week I decided to rewatch Clannad.  I watched the first season (episodes 1-22) but skipped the special and OVA.  I skipped the first eight episodes of After Story because they are very pointless.  I watched episodes 9-22 and again skipped the specials and OVA.  I had actually lost some confidence in the quality of this anime franchise, but my fandom for Clannad was restored after watching these 36 episodes.  I might watch all the episodes, specials and OVA's next time.
Anime watched:  I had a sort of a busy week.  I rewached Kannagi.  It can still be a very effective comedy, but I was not that engaged and invested in the overall watching experience this time around.  I then watched Hanayamata because I have heard good things about it.  It is a pleasant and well intended show, but it was not quite there yet to interest me to buy a physical copy of it.
Anime watched:  This week I decided to rewatch Robotics;Notes and the first season of Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions! in large part to reenergize my fandom.  And I still enjoy and like those two shows a lot.  I also rewatched Fractale.  I have been hearing for a while how disappointing that anime is, and I wanted to see for myself.  For the most part the naysayers are right because Fractale is not that bad of a show, but it is not good either.
Anime watched:  I did not watch much anime this week, mainly because I was waiting for new simulcasts to air.  I should watch more next week.
Anime watched:  I wanted to watch more anime, but I was only able to watch some Fairy Tail, my Sentai BD copy of MAOYU, and I watched Maria the Virgin Witch with the English dub, and I continue to respect and like it.
This week I decided to catch up with two simulcasts that I had not been following.  I first watched Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers.  I liked how it started, but I did not like what the series did after its first third.  I then watched School-Live!, and it was worth watching.  The idea of combining moe girls with zombie apocalypse seems odd, but I was kind of impressed with how the writers of School-Live! were able to build up and deliver a solid and compelling story.
Anime watched:  A had a very relaxed week.  I watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail, and I rewatched Only Yesterday.