Anime watched:  This week I watched three one-cour anime series.  Part of the reason to do that was the check out their respective English dubs.  Kids on the Slope's dub was good in general.  My only real issue is Sentaro's voice.  I might or might not make the English dub my default when watching KotS.  The dub for The Devil is a Part-Timer! is great and does justice to the fun of this show.  Finally, the dub for Madoka Magica was solid, but the English performances lacked emotion in some parts.  This was a busy but productive week.
Anime watched:  Not much to report this week.  Besides my usual simulcasts, I did not watch any other anime.  I needed to take a rest from all that I watched the previous week.
Anime watched:  This week I was busy watching the two anime seasons of Nisekoi (False Love).  The first season was alright as I was genuinely entertained, amused and even emotionally touched.  Unfortunately the sequel was poorly constructed and had little interest in giving the first season a proper conclusion. 
Still, I do not regret watching these series, but I will always wonder how people have the ability to make crappy entertainment.
Anime watched:  This week I rewatched ef: a tale of memories and a tale of melodies.  I mostly wanted to see if these animes continued to hold up for me.  And after watching them I can say that they are fine series that do some attractive things, but I do not think I will need to rewatch them again.
I watched two anime series this week and had similar experiences with both of them.  I first watched the much maligned Magical Warfare.  It is not a good anime, but the premise had some potential.  An additional cour could help it.  I then watched a better received title: Sunday Without God.  It has a decent start, and the premise also had potential.  But in the end Sunday Without God lost its steam and ended up being a mediocre product.
Anime watched:  I watched Ping Pong, and I liked an enjoyed its vibe and execution.  I also watched Kyousougiga; it is a creative show, but it had a convoluted execution, and Toei's budget art and animation did not help either.  Kyousougiga is a fine and fun show, but it is not a great anime.  Finally, I watched Air, and it is a decent enough show that foreshadows some of the things that Kyoto Animation did with future Key titles.
Anime watched:  I rewatched my Right Stuf DVD's of Revolutionary Girl Utena (the tv series).  I continue to be amazed by the high quality of this anime.  But I had some trouble following the subtitles.  This is making me consider watching it the next time with the English dub.  That will be even more temping if the BD's for Utena that Right Stuf in planning to release next year are a significant visual upgrade over the DVD's.
Anime bought:  Noragami and the first part of Sailor Moon R. 

Anime watched:  I watched Noragami with the English dub, and I continued to enjoy it.  I should post my lineup for Summer 2015 in a few days.
Anime bought:  NIS America's A Lull in the Sea (Nagi no Asukara) Premium Edition BD set.

Anime watched:  I watched a ton of stuff this week.  Engaged to the Unidentified started promising, but it diluted through its run.  Rage of Bahamut: Genesis was a nice experience.  The second season of Knights of Sidonia was disappointing.  And I had time to watch my Nagi no Asukara's BD's with the English dub, and I enjoyed it and liked it more than the first time around.  I am very satisfied with my purchase of Nagi no Asukara.

Anime industry:  Anime Expo is going on right know.  Many exciting things are going to be announced, but I think that Sentai licensing Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the biggest highlight.  I have not watched this anime, but it seems like a great thing; hopefully Sentai will stream it somewhere.
Anime bought:  Discotek's BD version of The Castle of Cagliostro

Anime watched:  I planned to rewatch two shows this week, but in the end I only watched Flowers of Evil. And yes, I continue to appreciate and admire what this show does.  It is a shame that more anime content will probably not be produced.

The new Summer anime season is around the corner, and these are the titles I am most excited about: Snow White with the Red Hair, Over Lord and more Durarara!!x2.  There are a few other shows that look promising, but I need to check them out first.  Summer is shaping up to potentially be a strong season.

Anime industry:  This week the big news is the distribution partnership between Funimation and Universal. And by most indications this is  a good deal that will allow more Funimation products to be in more stores.  I am going to trust that all parties involved will benefit.  I especially hope that this makes Funimation an even stronger anime distributor.