The Spring season is underway, and I have a list of 7 animes I plan to follow each week.  I am posting a list until I check the second episode of every anime in my list.  I have checked 12 (and might check 3-5 more) new series, and the season seems weak for Spring.  I hope that what I pick to follow is good enough to keep my interest every week.

As far as Inuyasha, I plan to start season 4 today.  Hopefully, I will finish watching all of Inuyasha by the end of this month.  Happy anime viewing.
I have been watching a lot of anime this past three days.  I watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.  I think it was well constructed and had several good moments.  I liked it enough to give it a Good rating but not enough to want to buy a physical copy.  I then watched Tamako Market.  I was curious to find out why an anime done by Kyoto Animation and the people behind K-On! was not that well received.  After watching it, I was charmed by the series and also gave it a Good rating; the presence of a very peculiar character did not bother me.  I will consider buying a physical copy if  Sentai releases it on BD.

I planned to watch online more anime series that Sentai has recently released, but I decided to finally buy Inuyasha, and my DVD's and BD's of it already arrived.  201 episodes and four movies is a lot of anime, and I plan to start watching tomorrow.  I hope to end watching Inuyasha by mid-April because my copies of the third Madoka Magica movie and Nekomonogatari Black are arriving in the upcoming weeks, and I plan to re-watch them as soon as I am able.  Hoping that I do not burn myself with so much Inuyasha to watch, happy anime viewing.
I finished watching Chihayafuru 2.  The overall quality was pretty much in line with the first season. Although, season two had a better pace; I gave it a Good (ANN) rating.  Both seasons of Chihayafuru were far from being the greatest story ever told, but I liked the experience for the most part.  I wish more of the source material was made into anime because I want to know how the characters continue to develop.  Also, I agree that it would be a good idea for a R1 company to license this anime for home video release.

For the rest of the week I will watch my simulcasts.  Next week I plan to check out and watch online some titles that Sentai/Maiden Japan has recently licensed and released on home video.  I also hope that my Psycho-Pass season one, premium set from Funimation finally ships.  Until next time, happy anime viewing.
I watched the first season of Chihayafuru.  I liked the beginning a lot because it had plenty of character development.  I am a fan of romance, and the main love triangle in this anime is something I really liked. However, as the anime became more focused on karuta, it lost of of its initial luster.  Still, the main characters continued to be appealing, and I wish they had been more fleshed out.  In the end I gave the first season of Chihayafuru a Decent (ANN) rating.

I intended to watch the second season of Chihayafuru, but that was put on hold with the arrival of the second part of Robotics;Notes.  I watched this anime between Wednesday and Friday.  I had a great time re-watching it with the English dub.  I was a bit worried about how Akiho and Kona were going to sound dubbed, but the voice actresses did a terrific job.  The whole dub was very strong overall.  Next week I plan to watch Chihayafuru 2.  See you next time and happy anime viewing.
I finished watching my Blast of Tempest DVD sets, and I had a very good experience doing so.  The first time I watched this anime I liked it, but I was not wowed by it.  The best thing I found about it were some of the characters, but the story was not great, and the ending felt contrived.  Also, the second half of the series felt weaker and way laid back compared to the first, more serious and dark, first part.

But in this re-watch, I suppose I went with a stronger conviction and more open-minded-ness.  My opinion on the story and and characters did not change much, but the overall series made more sense this time.  I also noticed that one half is not necessarily more serious and the other more laid back.  The first half was more of a set up for the story.  Whereas the second half was more of a resolution, and the creators let the characters flourish more.  Finally, the ending and conclusion had more than enough closure.

After re-watching Blast of Tempest I bumped up its ranking from 75 to 68.  Speaking of my rankings, I placed Patlabor the Television Series on 82.  Next week I plan to watch Chihayafuru.  See you next time and happy anime viewing.
I, indeed, finished watching the Patlabor television series this weekend.  I enjoyed the whole series.  I was just a bit disappointed that it was mostly episodic.  Although, the last two episodes did a good job adding some closure.  I am still not sure if this series can crack my top 100 favorites, but I can safely say that it is one of the most interesting anime I have ever seen.  I actually watched a trailer (that came in the tv series volume 4 BD) of the original Patlabor OVA, and I think I am going to also buy it.

I finally have the two Aniplex USA's DVD sets of Blast of Tempest, and I plan to watch them this week.  I have actually grown fond of this anime as time has passed, and I hope my re-watch of it is satisfactory. That is it for now.  Happy anime viewing.
I finished watching Gurren Lagann on Thursday.  I continue to like this anime a lot, and the conclusion actually felt more uplifting in this last re-watch.  Unfortunately, my DVD set from Aniplex USA has a damaged disc.  I have heard  that when Bandai Entertainment released Gurren Lagann in an Anime Legends set, DVD 2 had a defect.  And apparently that defect is also present in some Aniplex USA sets.  I was a bit frustrated with this issue, but I will not exchange my set because the packaging is very nice.

Next week I should finally receive my Right Stuf order of Patlabor TV Series, part 4 on BD, the first half of Robotics;Notes and the second part of Blast of Tempest.  I hope I have enough time next week to watch this Patlabor set and finally conclude the television series.  Until next time, happy anime viewing.

Report 9



I am taking it easy with the anime watching this week.  I am going to only watch my simulcasts, but I am not re-watching any of the series I own or watching other animes for the first time online.  I actually decided to order the Aniplex USA DVD edition of Gurren Lagann.  I already have a DVD copy from Bandai Entertainment, but I do not trust the quality and durability of those discs.  Hoping  to be revitalized to watch lots of anime by next week, happy anime viewing.

Report 8



I finished re-watching Hanasaku Iroha yesterday, and I enjoyed it way more than I anticipated.  The first time I watched this anime I thought it was good, but I noticed some faults that did not compel me to buy a physical copy.  The fact that I do not like NIS America limited edition, bulky boxes further distanced me from acquiring it.  My biggest gripe with Hanasaku Iroha initially was that the story tended to lose focus with several episodes that seemed unnecessary.

But during my re-watch I did not see that many of those unnecessary episodes.  In fact only episodes 6 and 7 fit this description.  Like the first time, I think the ending of the series is very fulfilling and has more than enough closure.  I am very glad that I decided to buy physical copies of it.  I am also bumping Hanasaku Iroha in my ranking from 74 to 67.  Finally, Aniplex USA is bringing over Japanese copies of Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 3: Rebellion, but I am actually buying my copy from

I think it will be a good idea to write a longer post about the Madoka Magica third movie, and how it could impact the future and direction of the franchise.  I am not promising anything, but I will keep it in mind.  I think doing that in April, after I watch my BD copy of the movie, will be a good idea.  That is all for now; happy anime viewing.

Report 7



This week I decided to finally watch my Sentai BD copy of Humanity Has Declined.  I do not love this anime, but it has several interesting concepts and well done episodes.  I am not sure how much replay value Humanity Has Declined has for me, but I still think that acquiring this anime is a positive thing for me because I want to support Sentai's subbed-only BD releases.  Speaking of sub-only BD releases, Sentai has finally announced a release date (May 27) for their release of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!; I am very excited about this.

I expect to have a busy time next week.  My two NIS America volumes of Hanasaku Iroha arrived today. 
I plan to watch the whole series next week.  I will keep watching more Fairy Tail until Friday.  That is all for now.  Happy anime viewing.