It has been a busy time watching anime these last two weeks.  I watched Nisemonogatari and Another in Crunchyroll.  I enjoyed seeing in Nisemonogatari some of the stuff that is great from Bakemonogatari.  Another was a well done anime with some "interesting" characters but was not terribly impressed by it.  Finally, I began watching a very good but long 80s anime, Touch.  

As I announced last week, I will star blogging about current anime being aired in Japan.  I have targeted 3 series and hope to have a good experience watching and analyzing.  I will try to keep an organized schedule when posting analysis of the current series I watch.

On other worthy announcements, I am very happy that AnoHana has been licensed.  Aniplex USA also announced the license for Bakemonogatari; I hope they release it on Blu-ray or DVD.  Since I will be focused on watching the new series and blogging as new episodes come out, I will post weekly updates only when something worth mentioning comes up.  Until the next time, happy anime watching!