It has been a busy time watching anime these last two weeks.  I watched Nisemonogatari and Another in Crunchyroll.  I enjoyed seeing in Nisemonogatari some of the stuff that is great from Bakemonogatari.  Another was a well done anime with some "interesting" characters but was not terribly impressed by it.  Finally, I began watching a very good but long 80s anime, Touch.  

As I announced last week, I will star blogging about current anime being aired in Japan.  I have targeted 3 series and hope to have a good experience watching and analyzing.  I will try to keep an organized schedule when posting analysis of the current series I watch.

On other worthy announcements, I am very happy that AnoHana has been licensed.  Aniplex USA also announced the license for Bakemonogatari; I hope they release it on Blu-ray or DVD.  Since I will be focused on watching the new series and blogging as new episodes come out, I will post weekly updates only when something worth mentioning comes up.  Until the next time, happy anime watching!
I started watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam.  It is nostalgic to see old anime.  It reminded me of series like Speed Racer and Mazinger Z.  I remember the first time I watched Gundam thinking that it was a very good series but not great.  This is the series that began the Gundam franchise and the Universal Century Timeline (which is my favorite), but it shows its age.  The animation is good, but the plot is a bit shaky at times.

I am glad Bandai decided to re release this series.  I will watch the rest of the series and report on my impressions.  I might discover that Mobile Suit Gundam is better than I remember.  Until then, happy anime watching!