The members of the Cultural Research Club continued to cope with their new circumstances.  Yui has been hit the hardest because she is unable to get out of her room.  When her club mates went to visit her home, Inaba confronted her (possibly during an unleash of desires episode).  Inaba wisely told Yui to not hide because Heartseed was going to always find a way to make things more entertaining and possibly dangerous.  The next day Taichi and Inaba had a heated exchange because the latter refused to visit Yui.

As expected, the drama continued.  It is interesting that the new conditions have apparently caused the protagonists to be showing and saying what they really think about each other, rather than putting themselves in physical danger.  I kind of like this direction.  I hope the protagonists continue to reveal their emotions to each other but stay friends after this phase ends.  Episode 7 of Kokoro Connect was solid, but not much happened.  This episode gets a 8 out of 10.