At the end of summer break the members of the Paranormal Investigation Club decided to have a training camp and stay overnight at school to investigate ghost mysteries.  The episode began with the girls on bikinis and some silliness.  It was hinted in the last episode that there is another ghost besides Yuuko.  Even though, she is easily frightened of ghosts, Kirie wants to learn the truth behind the scary ghost she once saw (at one time Kirie confused this ghost with Yuuko).

This was a great episode with more revelations.  The series is getting a bit "haremy" with Kirie hinting at 
romantic interest toward Teiichi.  The great thing about Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is that it is able to combine comedy, romance an even fan service without losing its mysterious focus and plot.  The series keeps getting better as more is revealed about the characters and the mysteries keep twisting.  Episode 4 of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia gets a 10 out of 10

[Starting today I will be reporting on Dusk Maiden of Amnesia on Mondays]
In the first episode of Hyouka, we met Houtarou Oreki, a first year high school student very unmotivated to do after school activities.  As a result of a request from her sister, Houtarou joined the Clasics Literature Club.  In the first club meeting, he met a cute, charming and curious girl, Eru Chitanda.  Along with his long time friend, Satoshi Fukube, Houtarou and Eru have become members of the Classics Literature Club.  Despite being in a school club, Houtarou has vowed to continue being apathetic toward high school life.

The series has a bit of a mysterious feeling with potential for comedy and romance.  Not much has developed in the first episode, but I am intrigued enough to look forward to the next episode.  Unfortunately this episode gets a 7 out of 10 because it is not very clear where the series is going.

[Since the next episode is coming up today, I intend to report on episode two of Hyouka this Wednesday].
Episode 4 started with Yuko talking with her cousin, Takashi, who she has a crush with.  However, Takashi likes Saki.  In the next scene Yuka wished to be more like Saki, and they switched bodies.  In an attempt to revert the wish, Natsumi and Yuka also switched bodies.  The second half of the episode is mostly spent with Yuka (in Saki's body) and Takashi having a date and being followed by the others girls.  When Takashi was about to kiss Yuka, Rinko (in Natsumi's body) interrupted them.  In the usual fashion of this show, everything works out in the end.

The series continues to be entertaining.  It is becoming clear that the series has a more or less episodic nature.  There is not much to really analyze because the plot does not move much, and the characters have not evolved.  As a result of these developments (or lack thereof), my enthusiasm for this series is very low.  But do not worry; I will keep watching and reporting on the series.  Natsuiro Kiseki is being done with quality care, but the style and pace are not doing much for me.
In this episode some very interesting facts were revealed.  This is another flashback episode.  Episode 3 began with Yuuko giving Teiichi her usual teasing, jealousy and clingy treatment.  Teiichi then met for the very first time with Kirie.  She asked Teiichi to meet to warn him about Yuuko being an evil and vindictive spirit.  Kirie and Teiichi confront Yuuko and see her "true" ugly form.  Also, it turns out that Kirie is blood related to Yuuko.  After Teiichi made up with and decided to support Yuuko, he and Kirie discovered a strange room in the basement, near Yuuko's remains.

I am really liking and enjoying Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.  I absolutely adore the playful Yuuko, but her obsession with Teiichi is kind of scary.  I am a sucker for suffering women, and Yuuko appears to have suffered while she was alive.  It is also nice that we got a glimpse of the school and how gorgeous the daylight animation is too.  I am giving this episode a 10 out of 10 because things went up a couple of notches.  I am wondering if there is enough source material to make Dusk Maiden of Amnesia a 25 plus episodes series.
Episode 3 revolved around a friend of Natsumi's brother, Yuusuke, who saw the girls float on the air.  At first the girls wanted to stop the rumor from spreading.  But later changed their stance and decided to let Yuusuke see them fly again.  Saki dressed as a witch to better corroborate Yuusuke's impressions.  In the end the rock did not grant them the ability to float in the air.  A crying Saki apologized to Yuusuke for letting him down, but the boy did not make a big fuss, and all worked out in the end.

The story is moving but at a slow rate.  If the series is going to be 12 episodes long, the pace has to pick up soon.  The series seems to be following an episodic scheme.  If this is the case, I do not like it.  The series has high quality, but it is a bit annoying that the story is not really developing.  I give this episode a 7 out of 10 because it strayed a bit from the four girls.
This was a flahback episode.  Teiichi remembered the first time he met Yuuko.  Essentially, Seikyou Academy (the school) was constructed over a shrine and is apparently shrouded with mystery.  One day a girl died trapped inside the school.  Yuuko is the ghost of the dead girl.  In the second half of the episode Teiichi remembered how he met the curious but easily frightened, Momoe.  Teiichi "helped" Momoe to get rid of an evil spirit.  The evil spirit was Yukko and after a charade (in which Teiichi ended up touching one of Yuuko's breasts) the matter was solved and Momoe felt indebted toward Teiichi.

The second episode of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia continues to have a mysterious and cool vibe.  Yuuko is a blast of fun with her teasing and tsundere-like attitude.  I would like for the series to eventually get more serious, but as it is, the show is very enjoyable.  I will again compliment the great animation, and attention to detail that makes Yuuko look very sensual.  This episode gets a 8 out of 10.
At the start of this episode Natsumi and Saki were still mad at each other.  Rin (Rinko) and Yuka met at the big rock and started wondering about wishes.  Then, they started talking about Natsumi and Rin and wished for the two to make up.  In the next scene, Natsumi and Saki (who are next door neighbors) suddenly began pulling onto each other like magnets and got stuck together.  The second half of the episode was spent in Natsumi and Saki running stuck together, trying to catch up to Yuka and Rin.  At the end of the episode Natsumi and Saki make up, and the quartet is together again.

Episode two of Natsuiro Kiseki has a much more comedic tone than episode one.  The main characters continue to act pretty much the same.  There is not much character development yet, but I assume that it is going to change soon.  So far the best thing about the show is the gorgeously rendered backgrounds.  The premise of the series continues to be simple but entertaining.  I should rate each episode individually too.  The first episode gets a 8/10 and episode two gets a 7/10.

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The story stars with a school girl, Momoe Okonogi, who is a member of the Paranormal Investigations Club.  Momoe has a crush and great admiration for a male member of the club, Teiichi Niiya.  They, along with another member of the club, Kirie Kanoe, are meeting.  While they are meeting and later go into a hallway of the school, strange things begin to happen.  It is revelead that a ghost was among them the whole time, the titular of the show: Yuuko Kanoe.

This first episode left me with a glimpse of mystery.  The characters also seem interesting.  Momoe seems like a thoughful person and is an airhead.  Teiichi seems like a normal high school student.  Kirie looks like the popular female athlete with an air of coolness.  And Yuuko (who seems to be infatuated with Teiichi) seems like a goofball but with probably some harsh past experiences.  A final important detail in the relation between these four characters is that Teiichi and Kirie are able to see Yuuko, who, by the way, happens to be the president of the club.

I am very impressed by the georgeous animation, atmospheric feel and direction of the series.  The story and plot appear full of potential.  I feel good about this series.  If I had to give a grade to episode one, I would give it a 9 out 10.

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It has been a busy time watching anime these last two weeks.  I watched Nisemonogatari and Another in Crunchyroll.  I enjoyed seeing in Nisemonogatari some of the stuff that is great from Bakemonogatari.  Another was a well done anime with some "interesting" characters but was not terribly impressed by it.  Finally, I began watching a very good but long 80s anime, Touch.  

As I announced last week, I will star blogging about current anime being aired in Japan.  I have targeted 3 series and hope to have a good experience watching and analyzing.  I will try to keep an organized schedule when posting analysis of the current series I watch.

On other worthy announcements, I am very happy that AnoHana has been licensed.  Aniplex USA also announced the license for Bakemonogatari; I hope they release it on Blu-ray or DVD.  Since I will be focused on watching the new series and blogging as new episodes come out, I will post weekly updates only when something worth mentioning comes up.  Until the next time, happy anime watching!
The first episode introduced the main protagonists, a group of four girlfriends in 8th grade.  Natsumi seems like a strong willed person, Saki appears to be a stubborm individual, Yuka has a childish demeanor and Rinko is the shy one.  The series seems to be a slice of life with, probably, some supernatural occurrence(s).  The animation looks good (it is done by the great Sunrise studios).

The first episode starts in the days prior to summer vacation.  Natsumi and Saki are in the tennis club and are supposed to meet for practice.  But Saki does not seem to care and has a fight with Natsumi because of it.  The girls and the whole class later learn that Saki is moving to Tokio.  The episode ends with the four girls meeting behind a (Shinto) shrine.  There they remember how four years ago they put their hands on a big rock and wished to become idols.  Yuka and Rinko planned this reunion to rekindle old feelings, but it ends in a fight.  In the midst of all this Rinko wishes that she could fly.  Then, the girls are suddenly propelled into the air and float for some moments.

So far the series appears to have potential to be good.  Looking at the setting, a better version of Kamichu! would be nice.  Now, I will just wait for a week to watch the next episode.