This week has been really, really slow.  I did not watch any anime until today that I started re-watching Welcome to the NHK.  I plan to finish this series and start my Crunchyroll free trial.  I want to watch Nisemonogatari and probably Another.  I also want to watch new series and blog about them.  I will wait until April when several new anime series come out; hopefully Crunchyroll will stream some of them.

I will check back with you in two weeks.  Until then, happy anime watching!  
I started watching Wolf's Rain, and after three episodes found myself bored.  I decided to stop and began watching Baccano!  It was very strange at first but started to enjoy it almost from the first episode.  It was very entertaining too, especially Isaac and Miria.

And because I do not like to leave things unfinished, I went back to watching Wolf's Rain.  It took me a while, but halfway through Wolf's Rain, I am starting to enjoy it.  This week I might start my Crunchyroll free trial.  Until the next time, happy anime watching!   
This was a slow week.  I finished watching both seasons of Rosario + Vampire on Netflix.  I also read a series of articles about the anime industry on Anime News Network.  They made me reconsider my habits of watching anime online illegally.  I am seriously considering signing up for Crunchyroll Anime Membership.  I want to watch more newer anime, but I still want to catch up in older series (through illegal channels though).

I will think about it.  Meanwhile, I am planning to watch Wolf's Rain the next few days and Baccano! if time permits.  Until the next week, happy anime watching!
I am really enjoying how everything is coming together.  Before this rewatch, I was very displeased of why and how the Durarara!! staff decided to shift the focus from Celty to Mikado, Masaomi and Anri.  Now I see how this decision makes much more sense than before.  The ending of Durarara!! did not blow me away, but I feel very satisfied by it.  I suppose there is enough material (from stuff in this anime and probably more novels) for a sequel, but I am cool if the Durarara!! anime ends here.

I am very glad I decided to give Durarara!! another chance and spend money buying it.  It has been fun watching one of the most original and satisfying series I have ever come across.  Until the next time, happy anime watching!
Between episodes ten and eleven, I felt a bump on the road.  The mystery and excitement seemed to suddenly deflate.  At the end of the day, the first half of Durarara!! ended strongly with some revelations and Celty's new resolution.  I absolutely loved Celty's narrated hilarious sqable because of Mikado, Masaomi and Anri's love triangle.

I am starting to realize that Anri's story is very compelling.  It seems a bit far fetched that she has super natural powers too, but I suppose every thing is possible if being such as Celty exist in the first place.  The stage has been set nicely in episode seventeen for the conclusion.  Two thirds in, I am still enjoying and liking Durarara!! a lot.  Happy anime watching!
The beginning of Durarara!! is as promising and exciting as I remember.  The feeling of moving to a new place, through the eyes of Mikado, is palpable.  I am noticing that the animation looks great.  I find enjoyable and interesting the philosophy behind Izaya's schemes.  From episode five onward, the creators start to really focus on Celty.  I have come to appreciate Celty a lot because in several ways she is like a regular human being looking for a place in the world.  

The first nine episodes have been great.  In this second watch of Durarara!!, I am starting to see why the creators introduced several elements that are going to be explained until the second half of the series.  This gives me hope that this time around I might enjoy the second part of the series more.  Until the next time, happy anime watching!
This week I will watch Durarara!! and report on it.  The first time I watched this series, I was very intrigued by the story.  I absolutely adore Celty too.  The first half of Durarara!! was great, but the rest felt weaker to me.  I am watching the series dubbed and hope to be more wowed than the first time.
I watched .hack//Sign this week.  This is one of few classic series I had not watched.  The series is well made but was not impressed by it.  It was interesting when new mysteries arose, and the characters were descent.  But in general the series felt flat most of the time.  I will try to watch other .hack series.  I might appreciate this franchise more if I get more immersed.

I am in the middle of watching K-On!  It is a silly series, but it has something that grabs me.  Until the next time, happy anime watching.