Wow, I am reallly digging Gundam Unicorn.  I watched it subbed online as it came out and was not blown away.  I liked the animation and how polished the series is.  But after rewatching Gundam Unicorn in DVD dubbed, I am seeing what is so great about this series.

As a big fan of the Universal Century Timeline in Gundam, I am loving the references that Gundam Unicorn makes to past series.  In the first movie, the creators bring the idea of a young man, Banagher Links, coming into contact with a Gundam by faith to become its pilot.   It was done before with  Amuro Ray in Gundam 0079 and Kamille Bidan in Gundam Z, but it evokes cool nosalgic moments.

In the second movie Char returns; though, I am not convinced if he is the real Casval Rem Deikun.  I am seeing Full Frontal as a combination of the Char from Gundam Z and Char's Counterattack.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Marida Cruz is one of the clones of Elpeo Puru from Gundam ZZ.  I detest the back stabbing of Anaheim Electronics, but it reminded of Gundam 0083.

The third movie contined to have references of Gundam Z, Gundam ZZ and Gundam 0083.  On the other hand, movie four, set on Earth, reminded me of Gundam: The 8th MS Team.  Movie four reminded me that there are good and bad people on both sides of the conflict.  I was also very touched by the idea that people in space had dreams of happiness, just like averyone who remained on Earth, and saw Zeon as their only hope to accomplish this.  

In the end, the first four movies of Gundam Unicorn clarifly some of the questions left unanswered by the previous series.  Above all, I am being remainded of why I love Gundam and the Universal Century Timeline so much.  I have great hopes for the fifth and sixth movies.
I did watch The Girl Who Leapt Through Space.  It is a weird series, but I like it a lot because, somehow, a coherent story comes together.  I also enjoy it because of the references and parodies of mecha series. There are also a couple of characters I like a lot, Itsuki Kannagi and Tsutsuji Baba.

I also have great news: Space Battleship Yamato is being remastered and released on Blu-ray this July in Japan.  This is one of my favorite series of all time.  I doubt it will be subtitled, but I am willing to import it and shed around 400 dollars because I love this anime.

This week I will be finishing Gundam Unicorn and maybe re watch Ghost Hound.  Have a great week and happy anime watching.
After watching for a second time the original Mobile Suit Gundam, my overall impressions of the series remain pretty much the same.  Let me say, first of all, that the canon for the Universal Century Timeline in Gundam is one the richest in science fiction.  It is so rich, that Sunrise can create new series like Gundam Unicorn.

I try to be conscious that Gundam 0079 is more than 30 years old and because of that, the animation, character development and plot are not the best.  I am also aware that Yoshiyuki Tomino had to curtail aspects of the series because he ran out of funding.  Despite these shortcomings, Tomino and his staff managed to create an interesting anime, and set the foundation for future series.

Another thing I discovered from rewatching Gundam is the subtle evolution of Char's personality towards the end of the series.  Char Aznable is probably my most admired and respected character from the Gundam universe and the world of anime in general.  I like Char the most in Gundam Z because he was very calm and collected.  However, the Char in Char's Counterattack is puzzling.  But after watching the original Gundam, I have a better idea of why Char changed over time.

Next week I am not sure if I will blog anything.  I am planning to watch Sora Kake Girl (The Girl Who Leapt Through Space).  If something from this series sparks a deep thought, I will share it.  Happy anime watching!
I started watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam.  It is nostalgic to see old anime.  It reminded me of series like Speed Racer and Mazinger Z.  I remember the first time I watched Gundam thinking that it was a very good series but not great.  This is the series that began the Gundam franchise and the Universal Century Timeline (which is my favorite), but it shows its age.  The animation is good, but the plot is a bit shaky at times.

I am glad Bandai decided to re release this series.  I will watch the rest of the series and report on my impressions.  I might discover that Mobile Suit Gundam is better than I remember.  Until then, happy anime watching!
I watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  At first I felt a little unsure about what direction the series was going to take.  Fortunately, the characters kept me very interested.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found about the true purpose of Homura.  The ending was very emotional but sad.  I feel disappointed that the creators left some unanswered questions (which are probably going to be answered by the upcoming movie).

Overall, my impressions of Madoka Magica are positive.  The story was interesting, the characters were appealing and the animation was not the best, but the effects were interesting.  I wish I had better known what was going to happen to Madoka.  I am very glad that anime studios still want to create original content instead of only adaptations from mangas, novels or video games.
Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I haven been busy watching ef-a tale of memories, ef-a tale of melodies and Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana).  I liked the three series but was very impressed by AnoHana.  I love emotional stories in a great setting.  It is a short series, but the creators managed to put together enough material to come up with an excellent anime.  Next week I will watch more anime and will try to write more.