Anime watched:  This week I watched almost all of the two seasons of Haruhi Suzumiya (I skipped episodes 3-7 of Endless Eight and The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina) and the Disappearance movie.  In this rewatchh I noticed that Kyoto Animation put a lot of effort and money in this production.  This animation studio started doing great visuals in a regular basis from 2009 onward, but the Haruhi Suzumiya episodes from 2006 also have strong production values.  As far as my enjoyment, I still find Haruhi Suzumiya fun, interesting and influential on modern anime.  Although it went down a few spots down in my personal ranking.

Anime bought:  I bought another Sentai's BD copy of Kids on the Slope because I have one of the faulty copies.  Also, I forgot to mention that last month I received the second part of Sailor Moon R, Wings of Honnêamise, and I finally caved in and bought Funimation's stupidly made limited edition BD of the first season of Darker Than Black.
Anime watched:  This week I watched B Gata H Key.  It was time to rewatch it, and I also wanted to see if it continued to hold up for me.  And yes I continue to like it and enjoy it, and I continue to see it as a very effective comedy.  I then watched Full Metal Panic!:  The Second Raid mostly because I wanted to scrutinize it.  I had some trouble getting into it, but in the end the pay up is strong.  Also, episodes 7 and 9 continue to feel very strong.  And because I was already in the mood I decided to rewatch Fumoffu, but I continue to dislike it and view it as a forced and lousy comedy.

Anime industry:  This week it was revealed that PonyCan USA decided to cancel the standard BD and DVD editions of volume 1 of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers.  And while this does not really affect me, it is a very crappy move that I believe sets a bad precedent for the young company.
Anime watched:  Another busy week.  I watched Viz's BD's of Sailor Moon R.  Putting aside the video issues, I still had a good time watching it, but I enjoyed season one more.  The dub keeps being fantastic though.  I am very much looking forward to Sailor Moon S, but I will have to wait several months for Viz's releases.  I also had time to watch The Seven Deadly Sins dubbed on Netflix, and it was a nice experience.  I definitely think it has potential to become a special title with more seasons.
1. Noragami Aragoto, episodes 1-5 (Very good) - This second season of Noragami has had an amazing start. The Bishamon arc is supposed to be a big highlight in the story, and so far it has lived up to all the hype.  I expect the Bishamon arc to conclude next week, but I also expect more great stuff for the rest of the series. I liked and enjoyed the first season, but Aragoto has surpassed it in pretty much every aspect.  It is kind of early, but Noragami Aragoto is already on my top 3 series from this year.

2. Owarimonogatari, episodes 1-5 (Good) - After a shaky first episode Owarimonogatari is more compelling to me than I anticipated.  In reality I did not have much expectations because I thought this arc occurred after the mediocre Tsukimonogatari, but Owarimonogatari actually occurs in the middle of the strong Second Season.  For now I am invested in the characters and having fun.  

3. The Perfect Insider, episodes 1-4 (Good) - This show is arguably the most unique anime from this year. The premise is unusual, and the visuals are distinctive.  But for some reason after four episodes I am not really enjoying this show as much as I think I should.  I am certainly intrigued, but perhaps the single, big mystery format and slow pace are not working that well for me.

4. Beautiful Bones, episodes 1-4 (Decent) - After its first four episodes this visually attractive show is somewhat struggling to establish its identity.  I am not a big fan of finding and solving little mysteries, but I can tolerate them as long as the overarching narrative hinted at in the OP comes to fruition by the series' mid-point.  I am not unhappy with this anime, but I want it to get better.

5. Seraph of the End, episodes 13-16 (Good) - This second part started with plenty of emotions and camaraderie from the main quintet, but the story also began to make meaningful inroads into where it might ultimately go.  I have been very pleased by how these four episodes have been handled and look forward to seeing more good stuff.  

6. Comet Lucifer, episodes 1-4 (So-so) - After a promising first episode, the story stagnated.  Its best elements are the likable main trio and the colorful and somewhat mysterious setting, which I continue to see potential in it.  At the end of episode four the plot seems to have finally kicked in, but I am not convinced that the story can improve that much.   

7. One-Punch Man, episodes 1-4 (Good) - This is a creative and witty show with high production values. 
But after four episodes it is not showing many signs of an actual narrative, and the main characters are too one dimensional.  Thus, without strong narrative and characterization writing, this series cannot be truly special in my eyes.
This week I decided to rewatch Clannad.  I watched the first season (episodes 1-22) but skipped the special and OVA.  I skipped the first eight episodes of After Story because they are very pointless.  I watched episodes 9-22 and again skipped the specials and OVA.  I had actually lost some confidence in the quality of this anime franchise, but my fandom for Clannad was restored after watching these 36 episodes.  I might watch all the episodes, specials and OVA's next time.
Anime watched:  I had a sort of a busy week.  I rewached Kannagi.  It can still be a very effective comedy, but I was not that engaged and invested in the overall watching experience this time around.  I then watched Hanayamata because I have heard good things about it.  It is a pleasant and well intended show, but it was not quite there yet to interest me to buy a physical copy of it.
Anime watched:  This week I decided to rewatch Robotics;Notes and the first season of Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions! in large part to reenergize my fandom.  And I still enjoy and like those two shows a lot.  I also rewatched Fractale.  I have been hearing for a while how disappointing that anime is, and I wanted to see for myself.  For the most part the naysayers are right because Fractale is not that bad of a show, but it is not good either.
1. Noragami Aragoto - I enjoyed the first season a lot, and of course I want to see more.
2. The Perfect Insider - My early favorite to be the best series from this season.

3. Beautiful Bones:  Sakurako's Investigation (A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako's Feet) - This visually-pleasing show does indeed appear to have potential.

4. Owarimonogatari - As a big fan of the Monogatari franchise, I need to see more. 

5. Seraph of the End - The first cour was not that good, but I am still interested.

6. Comet Lucifer - This futuristic-looking action/mecha show seems exciting and fun.

7. One-Punch Man - I am not completely sold on it yet, but the good quality is evident.
2. Blood Blockade Battlefront, episodes 9-12 (Excellent) - This anime series finally ended.  I am a bit rusty since episode 11 aired three months ago, but I  do remember that in these episodes the underlying arc arrived at a very explosive and intense place.  Fortunately the creators of this wonderful show delivered with an exciting, bittersweet but very satisfying conclusion.  I want another season.
Anime watched:  I did not watch much anime this week, mainly because I was waiting for new simulcasts to air.  I should watch more next week.